Friday, July 30, 2010

All Clear for Take Off....Sort Of...

First and foremost, thank you Uncle Sam and Mr. Obama for deeming me worthy of your funds.  I am forever grateful, even if I am trying to move away from you.

So it seems all of my loans have been approved and I will be getting my funding to study in the UK. 

YAY!!!!  Right?  Not quite!  Nothing is ever that simple, is it? 

Yesterday, I learned that I will not have any access to this funding until at least October 4, the official start of the semester.  Considering I still have a plane ticket to purchase, a flat to put a deposit on, and a visa to apply and pay for, I have a lot of not so cheap expenses coming my way very soon that I was hoping I'd be able to pay for with my loan.  On Uni Brum's on loan worksheet, you account for these expenses when requesting your loan, so they are obviously considered academic expenses. Seems good ol' Uncle Sammy thought he'd throw a small wrench into the mix. 

In the long run I know it is not a big deal.  I WILL work something out.  While my parents cannot help me financially for the long term, they have offered to pay for things I may not be able to cover initially and once I do have access to the funds I can pay them back.  Not to mention my car is worth more then what I owe on her (yes I said her, you got a problem with that?) so if I am lucky enough to actually get blue book value for her, I can use that extra money for my initial expenses. 

I just did my online UK visa application today and paid the $330 fee on my credit card (which I HATE using).  I had a mini-freak out with the whole criminal questions because apparently in their mind, traffic violations count as well.  I do have one two year old speeding ticket that's been paid and dealt with but it does show up on my "criminal report" (or whatever you call it)  So, I did put that on the application but my worry-wart self keeps thinking my application will come back with a ginormous REJECTED stamp on it all because I was hauling ass to meet a friend two years ago and happened to get a ticket for it. 

I have an appointment a week from Monday to get all my biometrics stuff done and then off in the mail my application goes.  I am still struggling to get a crystal clear list of what documents I must submit with it and it's driving me nuts.  They say I need to have my CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies) number on my application but there was no place to put it.  Then it says I need to send the supporting documents (diploma and transcripts) I used to get my CAS from Brum.  Mind you all these documents have to be originals so do they really want me to send my big ol' diploma from undergrad???  The funding office sent my financial letter via DHL so that should arrive shortly and take care of that portion of the application.  And one thing I read says I have to send in documentation regarding my "criminal convictions".  Umm yeah I so don't still have that ticket anymore but will the Maryland Judiciary website print out stating the case is closed work?  As Dan would say, clear as mud! 

I am sure I am TOTALLY over thinking all of this and it will all work out just fine but I wouldn't be Anne-Margaret if I didn't worry about things!

Forward Ho!


  1. There is a spot for your CAS number on the self assessment (appendix 8).

    I haven't seen anything about a diploma, just transcripts.

    I'm going through the same process so if you have any other questions let me know. Hopefully we can help each other out!

  2. What's the Appendix 8??? I wasn't told anything or read anything about that!

    I was thinking of just sending transcripts and hoping that works out since I have official copies of them.

    Any help would be totally appreciated! What a stressful process!

  3. yes, they really do want the originals! pain in the butt, i know.

    i do not envy you going through this process - but it's so worth it when you come out the other side! good luck!

  4. Hi Anne-Margaret! I JUST sent in my visa application yesterday. I went through the freak-out as well, but hopefully I got everything in.

    Here's an article I wrote about all the documents you need:

    The appendix 8 is the hand-written application (you must complete it in blue or black ink) and it's where you prove that you have the "40 points." You'll need your CAS to fill this out, as well as other supporting documents. The link to it is here:

    Hope this helps!