Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tick Tock Goes the Clock

Last week I was finally able to formally submit my federal loan application to the University of Birmingham.  The funding office says that I should get a response in no more then two weeks.  Two weeks?!?!  Do they not understand I have already been waiting for months!!!  Let's get this train moving people!

On a positive note the tone of their correspondence seemed very confident.  They said I should be getting the proper paper work for my visa in two weeks, which leads me to believe they see no reason why Uncle Sam shouldn't give me the exorbitant amount of money I requested.  Keep your fingers crossed people!  (Or thumbs pressed if you are of the Deutschie variety.  I wonder what other good luck things exist in other cultures?)

Oh and also, this weekend I received a letter in the mail from Uncle Sam, himself, that went a little something like this:

Dear Desperately-Broke-Wanna-Be-Foreign-Grad-Student:

We have reviewed your evil evil credit report and are super-happy to tell you that you qualify for a Direct PLUS loan (the one you were oh so scared of because we were going to check your evil evil credit report and might make you have someone else sign in blood to vouch for your worthiness).

Your school also knows we approved you and your evil evil credit report, though this still does not guarantee you will receive aforementioned scary-but-oh-so-desperately-needed loan.  The school will tell you the final future-determining decision on your wonderfully-filled-out application.  If your school wants our money and decides to offer you scary-but-needed loan, you'll receive more info.  (Duh!)

Your Master and Chief, Obama-son.

Rock on Uncle Sam.  This here letter gives me oh so much hope but I am scared to get too excited just yet until I get the official signed, sealed, and delivered word on my fate.  So, again, please, pray to whatever god, goddess, demon, deity, earthly being, whatever to which you pray!!!  I'll send cookies, if you do!


  1. I hear when the final "signed, sealed, and delivered" word comes, the prez signs it personally as "Obama-rama" That's how you know he's serious. Good luck!

  2. THANKS! The cookies are on their way! ;) Actually you're a local so this could very well be possible.

    Where abouts in MD are you anyhow?

  3. I live in Montgomery County, near Rockville/Bethesda area

  4. Very cool. My parents grew up in Rockville. I am up in Fredneck.