Tuesday, July 27, 2010

To Whom It May Concern....

Dear US Dept. of Education & University of Brum:

I am oh so happy that according to you, you've both approved my loans.  I really truly am and am not trying to be a nag about things or ungrateful, but could you perhaps get a move on it?

You see I have about a month and a half now.  Without my loan paper work, I cannot apply for a visa.  Without a visa, I cannot sign a lease for a flat.  Without funding, I cannot put down a deposit for aforementioned flat, nor can/will I book a flight. 

So you see dear USDE and UoB, your assistance is greatly appreciated in this matter as my hands are tied until you actually give me (at least some portion) of my approved (per both of you) loan.

Not to be a brat but HURRY UP ALREADY DAMN-IT!



  1. Just a tip - when I was planning my move I could NOT find a flat. No letting agent wanted to talk to me until I was in the country. It was really quite frustrating. In the end I ended up lodging in a house for a few weeks until I could get my feet on the ground. I found him on a roommate site, then when I arrived I went to meet him in person and check out his place (my parents happened to be with me). In hindsight, this worked out great and really took away a lot of the stress I was having trying to find an apartment. He was really helpful in just general knowledge of how things working in England.

    Good luck. I'm sure you'll get some information soon!

  2. Kim:

    Thanks for the tip. Thankfully a couple letting agents have actually gotten back to me and I have Dan's help as well. He will be doing a lot of the "leg work" for me which I am hoping will allow me to get a place sorted before I get there...hoping at least!

    Stressful much?!


  3. We are all in the same boat. I wish they would hurry up!!