Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Couple of Notes...

Dear US Department of Education:

I like you.  I really really like you.


Dear UKBA (I like calling you this better then United Kingdom Border Agency, sounds friendlier.)

Next week, after I get my fat little fingers printed, I am going to be sending you a big ol' packet with lots o' very important stuff in it.  Would you kindly look over it quickly and grant me access to your lovely lovely country?  I'd greatly appreciate it.  I promise not to engage in any activities that might indicate that I may not be considered a person of good character.  I really do promise (no more speeding tickets, I swear!). 

Thank you kindly,


  1. You got your loan letter in the mail?!?! I'm still waiting for mine!!! I'm getting so frustrated since I only have 3 weeks to get my visa.

  2. Ashley:

    Indeed I did! I got it yesterday via DHL. I think I was pestering the funding office so much they expedited it to me. Hey, whatever works!

    Next Monday I get my biometrics done and off to New York goes my visa application! And at this point I better get approved because I just bought my plane ticket today!

  3. I found your blog and am now blog-stalking you. When you move to the jolly old please send pics of foggy mornings and pub food. kthxbi ;-)

  4. I know you'll enjoy your extended stay in GB. You have a wonderfully upbeat attitude that is hard to resist. I'll be back often to track your journey. Have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  5. ohhh I feel your pain. Getting my student visa was the most stressful and ridiculous process ever...I felt like I was putting my first born child into the mail when I sent them my stuff. Luckily it came back quickly! We are Boston to London bound on the 23rd!

  6. I miss your posts, what's new with you?
    Amanda :)